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About Our Academy

Special Attention For Every Child

Our unique combination of academics and enrichment classes provide Student-Wranglers with a distinctive learning advantage. Beginning in preschool and continuing through 8th grade, Wranglers will be engaged in a tailored program that includes an integrated approach that combines core academics with a variety of diverse opportunities

Our Enrichment classes include:

  • Equine Studies
  • Introduction to Spanish
  • Farm to Table Food Propagation and Preparation
  • Art
  • and More
“A Child Can Ask Questions That A Wise Man Cannot Answer.” Erma Bombeck
Our Facilities

The Best Education For Your Child.

A place for education, play and sernity!

Positive Learning
Clean Playground
Modern Facility
Colorful Classes
Fun With Games
Meet Our Staffs

World Class Educators

Aaron Shelley
Principal / Health & Wellness Enrichment
Elizabeth (Liz) Delmatoff
Academy Administrator
Joliene Adams
Educator & Spanish Language Programming CO-DEVELOPER
Nataly Cuellar
Educator & Spanish Language Programming CO-DEVELOPER
Arianna Duncan
Taylor Bennett
Instructional Assistant / PE Instructor
Stacey Riggs
Equine Studies Administrator

It’s a Perfect Time to Enroll

Enrollment Is Now OPEN For ALL Grades (Kindergarten - 8th Grade)

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Frequiently Ask Question


$1000 + $100 enrichment fee

Are there scholarships available?

There is an application process for scholarships!

What is work share?

As a community we all donate our time and work together

How many hours are required for volunteer?

40 Per academic year

Do you offer before and after care?

Currently at this time no

Can my child have an IEP or behavior plan?

All applicants go through a screening process I need to be evaluated.

What is your Schedule?

Monday through Friday 8 to 3

Are you following state educational guidelines?


What programs do you offer?

Farm to table art Spanish PE health and wellness equine studies music agricultural-based education

Are you accepting preschoolers?

Not at this time.

Do you have high school program?

No yet.

Is there part time options?


Can I come and just do equine studies?


Are you Spanish immersion full time?


How do I find detailed information about your program and/or teachers?


Is this a school?

It’s an Academy more like a home school-based model

I want to incorporate horse lessons into a weekly schedule how do I do that?

This has to be established with our equine lesson instructor and it’s managed by our equine studies program