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The Equine Side of Things

Each week Wranglers spend one morning with their equine studies instructional team. During this time Wranglers engage in learning and refining skills from the ground up. Wranglers are supported while learning horse husbandry, equine behaviors and body language as well as building a foundation based on clear and respectful communication. This stems from a balanced approach using groundwork techniques as well as riding. The equine studies component of our program is led by Stacie Riggs.

What's Included:

  • Small class sizes allow for personalized attention for each Wrangler
  • Lessons are customized to meet the diverse needs of our Wranglers community
  • We provide a holistic approach to education • Hands on project-based learning environments
  • Our equine studies program is founded on Rigg’s Horsemanship!

At the end of each day, Wranglers are dismissed to their families at 3pm.

Meet Our Horses

Lesson Driven Horses

Breed: Mustang, Color: Dark Bay, Gender: Gelding

Flynn is a 6 year old Warm Springs mustang with a silly personality. He is part of the Equine studies program and used for 4H. Fun fact: Flynn has been in parades. His story: Flynn came to a friends pasture malnourished we met each other when he was 6 months old. Him and I have grown together doing 4H, parades, shows, and trail rides the last 6 years.

Breed: Appaloosa, Color: Chestnut Varnish Roan, Gender: Mare, Age: 20

Gracie was adopted by Mt. Hood Equine Academy because of her quiet slow moving demeanor. Her favorite speed is a walk and she is perfect for helping build the confidence of those that might be a little unsure. Gracie kindly lowers her head and walks next even the smallest of youth. She is also confident and methodical about working through our awesome outdoor trail course.

Breed: POA/Arabian, Color: White, Gender: Mare, Age: 23

Paloma has been taking care of little kids for most of her life. She was used for 4-H, open shows, trail riding and just for fun by several families before coming to Mt. Hood Equine Academy. She is the perfect size for the little ones and that is who she enjoys teaching the most. She is light and responsive to even the smallest cues.

It’s a Perfect Time to Enroll

Enrollment Is Now OPEN For ALL Grades (Kindergarten - 8th Grade)