Program Overview

Primary Cohorts grades K-8th

Our unique combination of academics and enrichment classes provide Student-Wranglers with a distinctive learning advantage. Beginning in preschool and continuing through 8th grade, Wranglers will be engaged in a tailored program that includes an integrated approach that combines core academics with a variety of diverse opportunities

  • The EL curriculum integrates literacy and science for grades k to 8th. https://vimeo.com/38247060
  • Our Mind-up curriculum provides lessons to support mindfulness across all cohort bands
  • Engage NY is the primary curriculum used for math with Youcubed used as a supplementary tool. https://vimeo.com/245472639
  • Our equine studies program is founded on Rigg’s Horsemanship!

Cohort Schedule 1
Cohort Schedule 2
Cohort Schedule 3

Balanced Calendar

MHC Academy will be following a balanced calendar model. This means that the students will have a shorter summer break, but longer breaks during the course of the year. The philosophy of this is to provide a balance between structured time and time at home to prevent both burn out and a backslide in skills that tend to come during the summer months. We will have traditional breaks around holidays but have offset our spring break from the traditional schedule allowing families to travel during non-peak dates.

Starting at 8 am Monday to Friday Wranglers are greeted at a safe drop-off site by one of our many welcoming instructors. Each cohort is provided with a dynamic schedule that fits their developmental stages. Each day all Wranglers are engaged with lessons in Math , Science, Literacy, and Spanish.

Wranglers also regularly participate in our specially prepared enrichment classes that include:

  • Art
  • Farm to Table Food Sciences
  • Health & Wellness
  • Wood Shop
  • and of course Equine Studies!

At the end of each day, Wranglers are dismissed to their families at 3pm.